Eris Goes to Grade School

When my daughter was a young child, she brought this piece of schoolwork home:

The Original SnubYou can imagine my surprise and delight! She explained that the class put together a mock newspaper, and every kid wrote a piece for it. This was hers. She didn’t choose the topic herself — It was assigned to her.

Eris truly comes to each of us in Her own time and Her own way. Also, the effort to insert Discordian operatives into our nation’s grade schools has progressed even further than I had previously thought.

The Illuminati Answers 9 Questions

Who!The fine folks at Follow Me Here… point us to a weak attempt by our old frenemy The Illuminati to continue to convince people that not only are they powerless, but they don’t even exist. Good job, guys.

Uscinski clarifies that most Americans today don’t actually believe in the Illuminati. In a survey of conspiracy theories he conducted in 2012, he says zero people claimed that groups like Freemasons or Illuminati were controlling politics. Even so, the Illuminati seem to persist in our collective consciousness, serving as the butt of jokes and the source of lizard people rumors.

Exactly as they had hoped.

Peter Coveney Balances Eris and Greyface

chartA common misconception about Discordians (even among many Discordians) is that we favor the chaotic over the deterministic. That is, of course, the Eristic Illusion and to be avoided or embraced to the same degree as its opposite, the Aneristic Illusion. Discordians tend to prefer a world where order and disorder are in balance with each other.

Turtle towerBut of course none of this is really True. If it’s Truth you want, you need five tons of flax to bribe the Cosmic Turtle so you can consult the next Turtle down.

Peter Coveney, who keeps his status as a Discordian carefully hidden presumably so he can continue to act as a worm in the Golden Apple of academia, enlightens us further on this subject. Please be aware that due to his Secret Agent status, he cannot use the terms we are familiar with directly. While he speaks in code, his meaning is clear. Instead of Eristic vs Aneristic, he uses the terms Popper vs Bacon. But it’s quite clear what he means.

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