The Billstamping Kit

Print your own money! These templates are designed to be printed on US dollar bills. Don’t use a laser printer to do this, unless your works better with melted tape inside. Another tip: iron the money with an iron set on “linen” first.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Print out the template on your printer. Turn OFF any “fit to page” option first.
  2. Tape a dollar bill (face up) into each of the three rectangles printed. The exact taping technique will vary from printer to printer. Expect paper jams until you figure yours out.
  3. Insert the taped-up template into your printer so the bill side will get printed on. Print the face-up image.
  4. Carefully remove the bills from the template. Take your time here to avoid tearing the bills or the template sheet. If you print the template on glossy paper, the tape will come off easier.
  5. Repeat the last three steps, but with the bills face down and using the face down image.

Download here as a PDF or bitmaps.