The Way of Fun

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The Way of Fun

Tract Kit Instructions

  1. Find a photocopy machine that allows you to print on both sides of the paper. Most of them will. If not, that’s okay, see step three.
  2. Copy as many tracts as you want onto one side of the paper.
  3. Copy on the other side. Check the first one to make sure that the other side of the cover page is page one before printing the rest of them. If only one side can be printed, fold the page in half the long way (Skip step four) and you will get one tract per sheet instead of two.
  4. Cut in two the long way
  5. Fold in half the short way so that the cover and back pages are inside. Fold the cover and back pages out to expose them. You should end up with a “W” when looked at on edge.
  6. Share any way you wish
  7. Continue as long as it’s Fun.






From the teachings of

Baba Bar Ran

Prepared by the

Universal Church O’ Fun

“One Faith Fits All”


The Three Steps

in the

Way of Fun

“Have Fun

Make Fun

Be Fun”

                                   Baba Bar Ran

                                 June 6, 1986

Step One

Having Fun is the first step in the journey on your way of

Before you can even begin to understand the blessings of Fun,
you must have some.

When was the last time you had any Fun?

If you can’t remember, then put this pamphlet away and go have
some.  You won’t understand it until you do.

If you can remember the last time you had Fun, ask yourself,
“Just what is Fun, anyway?”

Can you answer the question to your own satisfaction?

Your search must not cease with this first step, as tempting
as it may be.

Simply having Fun can be irresponsible and self-serving.
That’s better than being unFun, but, there’s so much more to Fun.

Once you’ve learned how to have Fun, it’s time for the next


Step Two

Making Fun is a small step for us to make, but it’s a quantum
leap in the joy of the experience for human kind.

When others can share in our Fun, it is multiplied countless

To make Fun where once there was none is a noble act of love,
a generous gift of the most sacred of experiences.

However, if we are to know the true way of Fun, we cannot be
content to stop with altruism.

Please Note:  Making Fun at others’ expense is
not truly making Fun.  It is merely taking someone else’s Fun and
having it for one’s self.


Step Three

When we achieve oneness with Fun, we no longer need to have
Fun or make Fun.

Instead of doing things for Fun, everything we do is Fun naturally,
without effort.

Do not become discouraged in aspiring to be one with Fun.
At first, the experience will be fleeting.  Perhaps coming unexpectedly
while making Fun.

With faithful practice, we are able to hold on to the feeling
longer and longer.  We become Fun for hours – then for a whole day.
In time, our entire lives can become Fun.

And Fun will become us.


About The Baba

Baba Bar Ran is a master practitioner of Wu Wei, the ancient
philosophy of arriving at enlightenment through doing nothing.

In exchange for minimal living necessities, The Baba will occasionally
answer a question.

His answers are always short and contain the pure essence of
an idea.  This “seed”, when planted in fertile minds, brings forth
wonderous fruits that nourish the soul.

This series of pamphlets is an attempt to share with others
the inspiring, life enhancing, wisdom of Baba Bar Ran.


The Universal Church O’ Fun

is for everyone, everywhere, of any religion, or of none.

Purpose: For Fun.  The Universal Church seeks to
spread Fun throughout the world and to encourage others to make Fun of
their lives.

Location: The Spiral O’ Fun is regenerated from the
Tower of Faith and Fun Hole, which are located in our amusement park in
Portland, Oregon, USA.  The Universal Church O’ Fun exists wherever
Fun exists.

Membership: Open to all who put their faith in Fun.


Universal Church O’ Fun4326 Woodstock Blvd Suite 666Portland, Oregon 97206-6799


(C) Barron, Permission is granted to copy for Fun.  A kit for making
additional copies of the Way of Fun is available for a self-addressed,
stamped envelope.