Modern Mind Control

ObeyWe are the most propagandized people in the known history of the world. While the techniques and mechanisms are the same now as they have always been, modern communications and data mining systems have made it more effective than ever.

When people hear advertising techniques described as “mind control,” they often think that’s overly sensationalistic. That’s because they don’t know what mind control really is. It’s persuasion, not mind control, they say; mind control involves torture, drugs, weird flashing lights, and that sort of thing. Those techniques are used, of course, but those sorts of things are just a tiny slice of the mind control pie. The most common techniques are being used against you every day. And, whether you are aware of it or not, you are very easily programmable.

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Look though herePretty much every culture that we know of throughout history has had oracles, so we know they’re pretty important. An oracle’s job is to provide insight and wisdom. Contrary to the popular image of them, very few oracles were into predicting the future. They tended to be more about looking at the now in a new and different way.

Our modern cultures are no different, of course. We have oracles everywhere, from Magic 8-Balls through advice columnists, celebrities, therapists, and even some people who actually hold more wisdom than most of us.

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We Am Disappointed With You’re Grammar

“The greater part of the world’s troubles are due to questions of grammar.”
Michel de Montaigne

if you're losing, correct their grammarGrammar is a powerful thing. It is so important to the internet that hoards of crusaders patrol it every day, monitoring for and punishing grammatical transgressions. Bryan Henderson has achieved hero status with some, and villain status with others, for his efforts at cleaning up Wikipedia’s language. Friend or foe, he’s influential and others are following his lead. And when Weird Al joins in then it becomes a cause.

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DNA Spells Art

DNADNA has become fully integrated into popular culture now, and pretty much everybody has at least a rough idea of what it is. One of the great benefits of this is that it becomes possible to write a research report without having to spend a lot of time explaining what you’re talking about. Another great benefit is that DNA has entered the consciousness of artists and we’re getting a lot of great art.

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