ErisWatch 2.0 Is Out

ErisWatchLiterally dozens of people have been eagerly anticipating this major new release of ErisWatch. And now it is upon us. Let the celebrations commence!

ErisWatch is a Discordian watchface for your Pebble or Pebble Time smartwatch. The Aneristic vibrations emitted by smartwatches can pose a health hazard, and these can be countered by using our specially designed watchface. If you own any model of Pebble, then we urge you to use ErisWatch.

ErisWatch screenshot
ErisWatch screeshot
ErisWatch screenshot

Things that are different in this new version:

  • Two pretty new analog watchfaces in brilliant color if you’re using a Time, and brilliant coarsely dithered gray if you’re not.
  • Bug fixes, obviously
  • New bugs, obviously
  • The ability to turn the tick marks on or off on analog watchfaces, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • Layout improvements.
  • New secrets and goodies for you to discover.
  • Other stuff we probably forgot about.

Get yours here.

ErisWatch Update

We have just released a minor update to ErisWatch. Well, it’s minor if you use a Pebble. It’s major if you use a Pebble Time: it fixes a bug that prevented the text from displaying.

While ErisWatch now works fine with the Pebble Time, it does not take advantage of the special features of that watch. Stay tuned, though, a major release is in the works that changes all of that!

ErisWatch: Getting Eris All Up In Your Pebble

Singlenesia may have gone silent for a few years, but that doesn’t mean that the hardtwerking members of the Barry Bittwister Cabal (Software Division) have been idle. One of the toys they’ve been playing with lately is the Pebble Smartwatch. All things considered, we believe that the Pebble is the best smartwatch on the market.

But it has a problem. It is so ordered, emits so many aneristic vibrations, that it is a serious health risk to Discordians. Not to worry, because we have the cure. And that cure is to bring balance back through our eristic watchface: ErisWatch. Behold:

You’re welcome.