Trap Your Voice in a Bottle

Whisky bottle

You’ll probably want some friends to help you empty the bottle.

Summer is almost here, and it’s time to start preparing for summertime fun. We here at The BBC (No Relation) want to help. Let’s start with a cool beach toy that you can make. This requires little money, little work, and little skill, which is particularly important if you’re intending to make a bunch of them for a series of jakes (or a single complicated one) or just want a lot of fun for a little effort.

The eMessage in a Bottle is an easy project for the beginner circuit enthusiast. It clearly came about from me wanting to put my voice in a bottle. Remember as a kid you tried yelling into a bottle, closing it quickly, and then opening it near your ear only to be disappointed with sounds of the ocean. No longer!

A scroll-filled bottle that plays audio of your choice when uncorked. The possibilities are endless.

(Image by Ryan Hyde)

A Discordian Coloring Book

A Discordian Coloring BookAs we continue to root through the steamer trunks and storage sheds that the old site had been stored in, we have been very surprised at the number of things that we found there that we never published or talked about.

A Discordian Coloring Book is one of those things. It’s a classic, naturally, having been created even before the BBC (No Relation) itself. But things become classics for a reason.

We hope you enjoy it. Especially by printing it out, grabbing a fistful of crayons, and celebrating Eris with a primal artistic intensity. or just give it to some children and let them celebrate. They know how.

Discordian Tarot

The Discordian TarotWhile we’ve been restoring our archives, we came across something that we mysteriously never published. Let’s fix that. Without further ado, please simultaneously cheer and jeer for the Discordian Tarot!

This version is available in our archives for your downloading convenience!

This version is also available at for your further downloading convenience!

This version is also also available at for your further further downloading convenience!