I Am dead

SkinIn 2004, I became a word in a story by Shelley Jackson, called Skin. This story was being published on a canvas of human bodies, with each person having one word tattooed on them. The story itself will never be publicly published elsewhere, so if you want to read it you’ll have to get all 2,095 people together. And try to figure out what order they go in.

I am thrilled to be a part of this. Perception and symbolism are things that I’ve always been fascinated with, and this work toys with those things on so many levels that it’s irresistible.

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Correcting the Lie: The True Story of the Original Snub

KallistiMany of you know that the story of The Original Snub is, shall we say, less than historically accurate. It has been increasingly amusing to Me how few those many really are. This is the story that’s usually used to show how spiteful and clever I am. And I am. But you guys have the story all wrong. It really shows My better side. It’s Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite who are the real Bitches. So sit down, children, and let me tell you how it really happened.

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Chaos is the New Order

chartAlthough there are many Discordians who appear to value disorder above order, as Discordia’s most aneristic eristic I am not one of them. Few Discordians are, no matter what it looks like.

To value one over the other (it doesn’t matter which way you swing) is to fall for an illusion. Those who see disorder as being “better” or “truer” than order suffer from the Eristic Illusion, and their opposites who value order over disorder suffer from the Aneristic Illusion. Neither stance is any closer to being True than the other. Even more, due to the Law of Eristic Escalation, people who are burdened with either of these illusions tend to create the opposite of what they prefer.

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The Erisian Nature of Helicopters

RC helicopters are funI love to fly model helicopters. The old single-rotor kind, not those newfangled quadracopters. They are one of the finest examples of the nature of chaos and the Law of Eristic Escalation I’ve ever seen. They don’t even really fly so much as beat the air into submission, transforming the chaos of a blender into the order of flight. Which is pretty darned cool.

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Missing the Migraine

Transcendental MigraineI’ve suffered from migraines for most of my life. They seemed to be random and frequent at first, but as the years went by I noticed patterns to them, that there were certain things that are likely to trigger them. I suspect that every long-term sufferer has their own such list. I keep careful track of what I was doing prior to each migraine to spot trends and avoid risky activity. It’s worked very well. I’ve been able to reduce my attacks to a bare minimum — usually twice a year, once at the end of summer and once at the end of winter.

Migraines are a pure, I-beg-you-to-kill-me-now hell that I go to great pains to avoid provoking. So why do I sometimes feel such nostalgia for them?

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