DNA Spells Art

DNADNA has become fully integrated into popular culture now, and pretty much everybody has at least a rough idea of what it is. One of the great benefits of this is that it becomes possible to write a research report without having to spend a lot of time explaining what you’re talking about. Another great benefit is that DNA has entered the consciousness of artists and we’re getting a lot of great art.

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Immanentizing the Eschaton: A Photoessay

We found this curious document deep in the bowels of the BBC (No Relation)’s fileserver. It was collected about 15 years ago and forgotten. While we have no record of who the brave soul that took these photos is, nor any clue about his fate, a find such as this must be published for all, Erisian or otherwise, to see. We have assembled the tale and added it to our online archives. Enjoy!

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The Discordian Flag

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“Do you have a flag?” – Eddie Izzard

Flags are weird and they make people do weird things. There. I said it.

Case in point. A nice, otherwise completely rational woman named Bree Newsome climbed a pole recently. Crazy right?

She did this in broad daylight, for absolutely no money, and all because of an ink-stained strip of cloth. Insane, I know!

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The Trippiest Poops

LSD training toilet

Don’t fear the throne

LSD and defecation seem to go together like spaghetti and meatballs. It’s not hard to find tons of stories, questions, and random crazy talk about the combination. There’s just something about indulging in a dramatic, purely physical and instinctive activity when you are in a state of mind to discover the deep spirituality of it.

(Special note: acid is not required in order to experience the deep spirituality of pooping. It is an inherently enlightening activity. We just forget because we do it so often, and if there’s one thing that acid does better than anything else, it’s making us notice the magic we’ve become blind to.)

We’ve selected a few special acid-poop items that are particularly educational.

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