Immanentizing the Eschaton: A Photoessay

We found this curious document deep in the bowels of the BBC (No Relation)’s fileserver. It was collected about 15 years ago and forgotten. While we have no record of who the brave soul that took these photos is, nor any clue about his fate, a find such as this must be published for all, Erisian or otherwise, to see. We have assembled the tale and added it to our online archives. Enjoy!

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Who Am Us, Anyway?


The Barry Bittwister Cabal LogoSince the site’s rebirth, we have attracted a substantial and increasing number of readers. Most of you are new and weren’t around when the site closed a decade ago. So you have no idea about who we are or what we do.

Well, wonder no more. To quench your insatiable curiosity, we have provided a brief history of the Barry Bittwister Cabal and Singlenesia. Enjoy!


The advantages of professional Greco-Roman deity caution

Our spam filters caught this comment, and we loved it so much that we had to share. We aren’t sure if this was written by a program, a madman genius, or a private message from Eris to the world. Whichever it is, we wish you a hearty “Hail Eris”.

(Congratulations on having a telephone number for a lot of years, Henry Martyn Robert Smoley, we are incredibly impressed.)

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Operation “Ancient Apples” Has Begun

We have finished restoring the static content from our prior incarnation on the web. Hooray! Now our attention turns to the old blog posts. After so many years, we have accumulated a lot of really good ones that should be saved, as well as a lot of really terrible ones that should be forgotten. We have begun to comb through the ancient archives looking for the good stuff (the Apples) and the bad stuff that we like anyway.

Due to technical issues related to the site having been implemented with three very different server programs, we can’t just import everything all at once in the manner that would appeal to our laziness. Instead, we’ll be reposting the apples over time under a new category, Ancient Apples.

Enjoy the memories!