“If A equals success, then the formula is: A = X + Y + Z, X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut.” — Albert Einstein


1,000 Blank White Cards is a card game that bears many similarities to Nomic. Except it’s a card game, and you have to draw instead of write. You’ll need 3 – 6 players.
All you need for this game is at least two people. Have fun exercizing your logic skills while also practicing for your next technological flamefest!
Bartok is a very simple game (initially) with the rules starting out very much like Uno or Mao. You need 3 or more players (we recommend five) and one or more decks of playing cards.
Are you a better conversationalist than artist? Then forget 1,000 Blank White Cards. Play this.
The thing that keeps this from being Pokemon is that it’s dictators instead of cheap, cute commercial kiddie merchandise. PDFs included to make your own Dictator Card set.
This is a game for 5 people, plus or minus a few depending on the number of people who want to play. Everyone will need a rock. Oh, yeah, and you’ll probably want some chalk and a section of sidewalk or something to play on.
Discordian Solitaire is a card game for two players. Each player should have their own deck of regular playing cards. This is a Discordian Classic!
A mutipurpose special purpose tarot deck you can print and play with!
This game is a variation of Foxtails. Beats the hell out of frisbee! You’ll need players, and a Glack. You’ll need to build a new Glack for each game.
Print this out and take it to the next show you go to. When you get a bingo, scream “BINGO!” at the top of your lungs, then break a bunch of beer bottles on the floor and get thrown out.
Insane World Leaders is a card game you can play with friends, family and diplomatic envoys. Its goal is to capture the essence of the modern world as accurately as possible.
The game of real estate subversion. You’ll need 3 – 10 people and a Monopoly set to play this, with certain modifications made to the Monopoly set, and perhaps the people.
A truly excellent fnord game.
The Waldzell Glass Bead Game is fundamentally awesome. So is this variant!
Metaboo is a cardless variant of the word-describing game “Taboo”, where players attempt to communicate a word or phrase to their team-mates without using certain words. Metaboo is about tailoring a description towards a specific person’s knowledge (or simply following their apparent train of thought), and trying to avoid other people’s.
Mini Mao is a cut-down version of Mao – it’s a great deal friendlier to new players, without losing any of the mystery, superstition or paranoia.
Croquet is better bowling balls and sledgehammers.
This is a great game for two or more players (three or four are best). Roll a die, and add up what you rolled. Whoever gets to 100 first wins. Oh, and each time someone takes a turn, the rules change.
Is your Shoplifting score good enough to sneak a page from your opponent’s Pokenomicon? Is your trained Jigglypolyp powerful enough to defeat a devolved Fungal Cluster? This is the world of Pokethulhu, and now it’s yours to save – or conquer
Deep down, everyone wants to be a pornographer. Take advantage of this instinct with this party game.
The Poverty Game is a bar game. Of sorts. All you need to play this is a few friends, each with a pocket full of quarters, a bar or pub, and a crowd of unsuspecting patrons.
Public Polymorphing
In a large crowd, try to polymorph by convincing others that you are some animal. The best way to do this is by yelling, “I am (animal name here)!!!!!” and doing that animal’s typical actions. Non-animal beings work also, though a toaster is hard to imitate. (Charles F. Werner, Meatball, Jedi Knight, Discordian Extrfnordinaire) We snagged this from The Forehead Cabal.
This game was invented because it seems like when you know someone well enough, 75-80% of any Rock-Paper-Scissors games you play with that person end up in a tie. Well, here is a slight variation that reduces that probability. This version is also nice because it satisfies the Law of Fives.
It’s Sink. Online.
A collectible card game for the rest of us! Make cards, give cards, trade cards, go on secret missions.
A game of shapeshifting antarctic subterfuge. You need a deck of card, 3 or more people, and a healthy sense of paranoia.
Twist Party
The rules of Twist Party are simple, someone must stand up and shout at the top of their lungs, “TWIST PARTY!!!!!” Then everyone must get up and begin twisting. If anyone refuses to twist then everybody else must continue shouting TWIST PARTY until they twist. This game may be played anywhere. At work, at school, in line at the grocery store or DMV, at court hearings, at funerals, or anywhere else where it would be fun to twist (i.e. anywhere). Anyone is a winner at TWIST PARTY because its just fun to twist. (POPE Ignoratius V, KHS. First Church of Confused Erisians)
Zonk! is played with six standard, six-sided dice (two red, two white, and two green).