Discordian Hopscotch

(Created by Lord Falgan)

Players: This is a game for 5 people, plus or minus a few depending on the number of people who want to play.

Materials: Everyone will need a rock. Oh, yeah, and you’ll probably want some chalk and a section of sidewalk or something to play on.

Preparation: Begin by drawing a pentagon made of small squares, with five squares to a side. You should probably do this in chalk on a sidewalk or similar, because if you do it on notebook paper it’ll be hard to get everyone on it, and plus you got the chalk out anyway, right? Now, on every third block draw another block next to it on the inside of the pentagon. On every second block, draw another block next to it on the outside of the pentagon, except if there’s already an extra block there. Start wherever you wish and go in whatever direction you want. Whoever has the longest Holy Name goes first. Everyone pick a spot on the pentagon to begin. If there are two boxes, put one foot in each. If only one, then you have to stand on one foot.

Step 1: The Word. The person whose turn it is shouts out a random Word. Try not to pick a Word ahead of time. Every one else shouts out the Word, too, repeating it. Do this loudly and proudly.

Step 2: The Hop. In unison, everyone spells out The Word, and advances along the path of the pentagon, one space for each letter. You must hop from space to space. If you have two spaces available, put one foot in each space. If there is only one space, you must hop on one foot. As you hop and spell, be sure to shout out the letters loudly and proudly. It also helps if everyone is moving in the same direction, else collisions occur. When you have finished spelling out the word, everyone stops, and play passes to the person on the left.

Step 3: The Additions. Whenever certain letters are called out, there are additional requirements to be followed.

E – If the letter “E” is to be called out, the players instead all wave their fingers rapidly and sing out, “EEEEEEEEEE!” for at least 3 seconds. Those that can sing harmony, should.

Q – If the letter “Q” is to be called out, the players instead call out “Queue!” Everyone leaves their space, lines up single file behind the person whose turn it is, and quick-marches around the perimeter of the game board, once. Once done, everyone returns to their previous space to continue the word, if  necessary.

W – If the letter “W” is to be called out, instead of shouting “W”, the players shout out “Twenty-Three Skidoo!” while pumping their fists into the air.

O – If the letter “O” is to be called out, instead, players shout out “Oh My!” while clasping their hands over their hearts.

Z – If the letter “Z” is to be called out, then instead everyone suddenly leaves their spot and runs madly around the area where the game is being played, crying “Zee! Zee!” happily, madly, accosting passers-by with their shouts, and generally behaving like they just won the lottery or something equally as wonderful. Do this for about 10 seconds, then everyone runs back to their spot like nothing happened, and the game continues.

Step 4: Errors and Endgame. If someone screws up, no one cares. Play continues until people get tired of it or until you are asked to move along by local authorities.

Step 5: The Rock. The rock is used in self-defense when playing Discordian Hopscotch. Alternatively, it can be tossed, juggled, kicked, polished, or sung to.

(K) Lord Falgan – Novus Ordo Seclorum Erisium. Reprint what you like, but credit me, eh? reprinted from Telesis – The official organ (spleen) of the Novus Ordo Seclorum Erisium – http://telesis.blogspot.com

We snagged this from The 23 Apples of Eris.  Check them out, they have lots more stuff.