Gong Suey Glack

The Rules (or lack thereof)


Invented in a Night of Stupidity by:

  • Alex Ayers (First Church of the Perverted Lizard)
  • Ray Drake (Targeted Bystander)
  • Jim Gaines (Episkopos, FCPL)
  • Mark Kinney (Episkopos, Commander Khyron Cabal, LDD)
  • Jenny Miller (FCPL)
  • Chad Watts (FCPL)
  • Some guy named Dale


None yet.


The game of Gong Suey Glack found its origins in the Shaolin Temples in Tibet. It was brought back to Europe by one Robert Caine in 1600 after he happened to see a group playing. His attempts to mimic their yells when he demonstrated the game to his friends led to imitation of his imitations, and as the game caught on in the streets of Liverpool, other phrases were added based on the players’ knowledge of the East. It eventually reached widespread acceptance in the late 20th century, where it remains a favorite of college students the world over.


We made it up. The name came from Chad making fun of the lyrics in an anime theme song.


Version 1.1 Beta Test Version: all rights reversed.

Reprint at will. Repent at Well. Repost at Wall.

This game is a variation of Foxtails. Such are the rules:

  1. The Glack shall be contstructed as a plastic bag of some sort with a tail long enough to effectively catch, as so:
          /     \  /---------------------
          | head ()      tail            |
          \_____/  \---------------------
  2. The Glack shall only be caught and thrown by the tail. When throwing the Glack, the thrower must yell some vaguely Oriental-related phrase. Examples from actual play sessions include “Jackie Chan,” “Egg Foo Yong,” “Mongolian Beef,” “Kawasaki,” and “The Boxer Rebellion.” Each one should be original, and anyone repeating can be made a target of strong Glack throws at the option of the other players.
  3. At the end of the game, the Glack must be destroyed in the most violent way possible, ending with its contents strewn about the play area. This is in honor of the Second Test Game at the 4th Floor Grand Temple and Associated Pool Hall.

We snagged this from The 23 Apples of Eris. Check them out, they have lots more stuff.