Kallisti! A Fnord Game

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Kallisti is a fnord game.

Board games usually have four sides. Board games are usually flat.

Board games usually cost money and aren’t downloaded and assembled by your own hands.

Kallisti is a fnord game.

Kallisti beta testing has been abandoned in favour of PUBLIC RELEASE.

Kallisti is now yours and you may test, amend and bastardise to suit yourselves.

Enjoy! Or don’t! It’s up to you!

Kallisti is a game for 2, 3 or 5 players

Ages 5 and up.

It is freely distributed (KopyLeft) from this website,

All Rites Reversed. Reprint what you like.

We hope ERIS would approve.

The fnord has 5 sides, each side has 5 parts,
there are 5 characters, you use a pentagonal spinner for movement,
there are 5 suits of cards with 23 cards in each suit.

Over the five parts of your part of the board you traverse 23 spaces.
The first player to the 23rd space wins.

Kallisti files and specifications:

you can grab the individual files:

The Manual : Manual.pdf (323kB, required)

The Kards and Spinner : Kards.pdf (34kB, required)

The Fnord and Saints : Fnord.pdf (351kB, required)

The Kash : Kash.pdf (313kB, required)

The Box Decor : BoxDecor.pdf (803kB, optional)

or Grab the whole shebang as a zip file (1.7mb)

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