Sink Online

This game can be played by any number of Discordians.

  • First, pick a discussion group at random, any topic will do. The discussion group represents the “body of water.” The cyber entities within the group represent the “floating things.”
  • As in the original game, the object is to “sink” the “floating things.” Since it is impossible to hit things with rocks and stuff over the internet, sigh, in order to sink a cyber entity you must drag said entities into a ridiculous argument as posed by one or more Discordians.
  • If a Discordian is acting alone, which is often the case, then two or more sides of the argument must be posed by he or she using different cyber names.
  • Remember, any argument posed by a Discordian MUST BE NONSENSE!
  • If a cyber entity agrees with or upholds any side of said argument then they will be considered “SUNK”, at which time the Discordian who sank them will post “I SUNK <<Nick>>!!!”
  • All further posts presented by a “sunken entity” will then be ignored by all players. This will leave the entity confused and agitated, thereby creating chaos and spreading our faith like soft cheese upon the unsuspecting masses.

Have fun kids!

El Guapo

(Quoted from alt.discordia )

We snagged this from Amorphous Dreams Cabal.