The Discordian Tarot

The Ancient Discordian Deck (Second Version)

The Second Version of the Discordian Deck is to be found here. It is entirely redrawn, is less than 1/73 the size of the original, and incorporates a few new ideas.

  • If you just want the deck, download and print it with any PostScript printer or driver.
  • If PostScript is a problem, you can use the PDF version, discocardsall.pdf and view/print it with a PDF viewer. This is the version that worked best for my local copy shop.
  • If you want to play with the code for the deck, change the look of the cards, and translate the entire thing into Swahili, you’ll want the PostScript source distribution, This is essentially the same as the one-file ps version, but broken up into multiple files to make them almost manageable.

If you have any questions, please send me mail at


(boing!) Cnoocy Mosque O’Witz, Scribe to Our Lady the Goddess Eris Discordia, Theologian to the Religions of the World, Heresiarch of the Days Still to Come “Factum est in terris, quicquid Discordia iussit.” -Petronius, Satyricon, CXXIV

(Shamelessly stolen from Cnoocy Mosque O’Witz)