Home cooked, the old fashioned way.


Discordian Warez
As it appears that the traditional location for this collection has NOT VANISHED, we present the archive here. Emperor Norton would have wanted us to.
Pebble Smartwatch
Your watch is dangerously aneristic. Bring balance with this highly eristic watchface.
RobotPet Hacking
This is the Arduino library we’re using in our RoboPet experiments. You need to install these files into your Arduino IDE to use them. See the Arduino help files for instructions.
A Perl Module that provides more complex Discordian Date computations than the other existing perl Discordian Date modules we’ve tried. Developed for the original Singlenesia website.
WordPress Plugins
To help us move Discordian Research Technology to the WordPress engine, we needed to write a few plugins. Here they are, in case you might want to use them too.

The Zaurus is long obsolete now, but someone might still find this stuff useful.

Barry’s Universal Gronkulator is a 5500-based hardware/software combination designed to solve all of your communications needs. It fails, but what the hell.
KTrove is a Zaurus 5500 application that allows you to store and run almost all applications from your removeable memory.
We didn’t write this. We just compiled and packaged it for systems running Debian’s “Sarge” release. This is the desktop component of the Pi-Sync system for syncing PIM information between KDE, Windows, and the Zaurus. Please see The Pi-Sync homepage for more information.