Application Cards

These are just ext2-formatted cards that we install all the apps that we don’t want to put on the root system — that is, apps that don’t need to use CF peripherals and don’t need to be present at all times.

What those apps are is entirely up to you, so we aren’t actually listing any here. Games are fun.

Important Note: We have had problems with applications installed on memory cards. It seems that the mounter/unmounter does not reliably link and unlink the applications on the cards automatically. So, we’ve developed the habit of doing this manually, by issuing the “ipkg-link mount /mnt/cf” and “ipkg-link umount /mnt/cf” commands after mounting and before unmounting the cards. There is also an Opie-SH script, the Linkmounter, to allow you to do this from the GUI.

To prepare card from scratch:

  1. Remove the installation card, dock the Zaurus, and make sure you have internet connectivity.
  2. Insert CF card that will become the Application Card
  3. Execute: umount /mnt/cf
  4. Execute: mke2fs /dev/hda1
  5. Eject/Reinsert card
  6. Install the applications you want, using the -d cf switch (or specifying “cf” as the destination in the GUI package manager).