Emporer Norton Utilities

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The Random Collection

Miscellaneous bizarreness

Program for generating religious beliefs. Perl version and Windows exe provided by the Barry Bittwister Cabal.
Prints the Discordian calendar.
Code to work with Discordian dates in various languages.
A text scrambler, a bit like M-x dissoc. Windows exe provided by the Barry Bittwister Cabal.
Kafka is a program that translates BNF grammers into C programs to generate strings in the grammer. Included are three useful kafka programs, insult, flame, and babble.
Kibologize (Emacs Lisp)
Generates Kibological rants
pb (C)
pb is a random text generation engine with practical applications in Dadaism and Surrealism. Full (I hope) language documentation in TeXinfo format is provided, along with a manual page and documentation.
Sink (sh script)
Play the Discordian game with unwanted files
Spew (C)
Tabloid headline generator
The Springfield Effect, a programmable display hack
Wintendo program for displaying Discordian quotes (Windows,untested)
An X program which does weird stuff to the cursor. (X, C source)
(X Windows) Druel’s X display hack,  XTacy

The Text Filters

This section is all text filters, all the time. All of the software in this section produces an executable that is used to convert an English text file into one that’s a little less English.

The Barry Bittwister Cabal has compiled these filters so they work in the Windows command line, and provide them all in a single zipfile.

Download Windows Emporer Norton Utilities here.

Note: When compiling the filters using flex, you must pass the option –noyywrap to avoid link errors  later.  For example:

flex -o newspeak.c --noyywrap newspeak.x
Biff (C source)
Biff (Lex source)
A BIFF filter
(C source) A text filter for inserting beables
(Lex source) A cockney filter.
(Lex source) Write like a Muppet Chef
(Lex source) English -> Texan translator
(Lex source) Elmer Fudd (I think)
(Lex source) Jive/Valspeak; two text filters
(Lex source) Another cockney filter
(C source) Replaces randomly selected words with “Kibo”
(Lex source) A pseudo-German text filter
(C source) Another biff-like filter
(C source) McElwainising filter. version 1.02
(Lex source) Translates English into Newspeak
(C source) I’m not really sure. Some kind of filter.
(C source) Translate to/from R’lyehish. Communicate with Old Ones.
(C source) Write like a tax man
(C source) signature formatter