WordPress Plugins

To help us move Discordian Research Technology to the WordPress engine, we needed to write a few plugins. Here they are, in case you might want to use them too. These are tested using WordPress 1.5. If they’ll work on any other version is anybody’s guess. Right-click and save-as these files (unless the entry says otherwise), and remove the “.txt” extension

[Based on Custom Posts Per Page] Change the number of posts per page displayed for different page types. Installs an admin/options page to set up the configuration — also plays with SmallOptions if you have it installed.
(The link goes to a gzip archive. download and unpack it into your plugins directory). Provides a Discordian Calendar widget as well as many useful routines to handle Discordian dates.
A quoter/banner manager. Installs a config panel under the “Manage” menu. See usage notes in php file.
Retrieves a list of the posts with the most recent comments. (Based on ScriptyGoddess plugin, which is based HEAVILY on http://mtdewvirus.com/wp-hacks/ recent comments plugin)
Displays a configurable list of random posts. If DRT’s Discordian date plugin is installed, dates will be in the Discordian calendar. Usage: drt_randposts::show(); Based on Alexander Malov’s random posts plugin.
This is a tarball. Returns a list of the related entries based on keyword matches. This is based on Alexander Malov & Mike Lu’s Related Posts plugin.
Displays a list of posts with comments unread by the user.  Uses cookies to track read comments. If DRT Discordian Calendar is installed, the displayed dates will be Discordian. Based on Brett Taylor’s plugin, which was based on code by Chris Beaven.
Miscellaneous useful utilities. See source file for details.