Chaos is the New Order

chartAlthough there are many Discordians who appear to value disorder above order, as Discordia’s most aneristic eristic I am not one of them. Few Discordians are, no matter what it looks like.

To value one over the other (it doesn’t matter which way you swing) is to fall for an illusion. Those who see disorder as being “better” or “truer” than order suffer from the Eristic Illusion, and their opposites who value order over disorder suffer from the Aneristic Illusion. Neither stance is any closer to being True than the other. Even more, due to the Law of Eristic Escalation, people who are burdened with either of these illusions tend to create the opposite of what they prefer.

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The Erisian Nature of Helicopters

RC helicopters are funI love to fly model helicopters. The old single-rotor kind, not those newfangled quadracopters. They are one of the finest examples of the nature of chaos and the Law of Eristic Escalation I’ve ever seen. They don’t even really fly so much as beat the air into submission, transforming the chaos of a blender into the order of flight. Which is pretty darned cool.

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When Roads Sing

road washboardingYou’ve seen and have probably heard them. Those gravel roads that have regularly-spaced grooves running across. Drive over them and their song fills the cabin of your car, sometimes surprisingly loud. The grooves are often so deep and precise that you’re tempted to believe they were put there on purpose. Sometimes, as in the picture here, they resemble caterpillar treads and you briefly wonder where the construction was. But they aren’t there on purpose, and weren’t made by earth-moving equipment.

You made them.

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