Modern Mind Control

ObeyWe are the most propagandized people in the known history of the world. While the techniques and mechanisms are the same now as they have always been, modern communications and data mining systems have made it more effective than ever.

When people hear advertising techniques described as “mind control,” they often think that’s overly sensationalistic. That’s because they don’t know what mind control really is. It’s persuasion, not mind control, they say; mind control involves torture, drugs, weird flashing lights, and that sort of thing. Those techniques are used, of course, but those sorts of things are just a tiny slice of the mind control pie. The most common techniques are being used against you every day. And, whether you are aware of it or not, you are very easily programmable.

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That’s Why It’s Called Magnetism, I Suppose

Sorta like her. But with more clothes and less mask.

Sorta like her. But with more clothes and less mask.

At almost seven feet tall, the woman was both imposing and drop-dead gorgeous. She reminded me of a greyhound. I mean that in a good way: sleek, athletic, with a sharp and intelligent face. In fact, she looked exactly like your standard runway model, an impression enhanced by the drab surroundings of a low-rent laundromat. She was stunning, and that’s why I felt a little sorry for her.

At first, I was amused. This was apparently men’s day at the laundromat, and she was outnumbered a half-dozen to one. They formed a loose cloud of planetoids, randomly orbiting the heavenly body that simply didn’t belong there, captured in the gravitational pull of her beauty. Continue Reading →

This Is the Age of Discordianism

Episkopos Cain says:

This century belongs to us, the asshats, the Discordians, the Subgenii, the crazies, those non-authoritarian and radical movements opposed to the fundamentalist wave of churches, be they the old religions, New Age or otherwise. The time of your faith is dead, we bought the lease to the planet and now we’re willing to chuck the tenants out, before they cause any more damage. And not a moment too soon.

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What’s Wrong With a Wink?

Women Imparting Naughty KissesCreative Generalist points us to a sadly accurate article that says lots of interesting things about subcultures, inside jokes, and why Discordians are needed more now than ever. That’s not what I want to rant about here, though. No, my dandruff blizzard was caused by something completely different. Continue Reading →