Trickster in a Bowl

Rice crispies adAt first glance, Rice Krispies aren’t the most obviously Discordian cereal. While each individual grain differs from its little grain buddy next to it, they aren’t all that different. A bowl of Rice Krispies is very uniform, boring, and beige. Worse yet, they don’t taste all that exciting unless you add stuff to them. They’re not bad, exactly, but without sugar, fruit, or the promise of a (mercury-)Free Toy Inside you’d never really bother to eat the stuff.

Don’t be fooled! There’s a lot of really interesting, and chillingly ominous, things going on here. Rice Krispies are the Trickster cereal, a cereal we Discordians can learn a lot from. Simply looking at them, dry and naked in a bowl, subjects us to their first trick. Do you think you’re looking at individual grains of rice that have been somehow inflated into a little krispie? HA! They’re nothing of the sort.

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How Many Bass Players Does It Take To Change a Light Bulb?*

Bass players are often denigrated not only by the other band members, but by many in the audience. On one level, this is easy to understand. Bassists just don’t look like they’re working that hard, and in bands that don’t have someone playing the tambourine, that can stand out.

Honest bass playerNo matter how understandable, this ridicule is unwise.

Bass players are controlling a mighty power. A power that should be respected even if they are incompetent. Especially then, just as you would with a gun in the hands of a toddler. Ridiculing the little tyke would be very disrespectful of the power, and we advise against it. Bass players are no different.

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Stop Drinking Bottled Water

No bottled waterIt has long been the stance of the BBC (No Relation) that bottled water is to be forsaken as an affront to Our Lady Eris, as it is taking one of the most potent Eristic forces and confining it in a prison of Anerism. It takes a wild, primal force, strips it of life and energy, and turns it into a factory-made product, convenient for labeling, shipping, and charging an insane markup for. However, there are plenty of other reasons to avoid bottled water, ranging from your personal health through the health of the economy and the planet itself. (Fun fact: did you know that it takes 3 gallons of drinkable water to produce 1 gallon of bottled water? And they call us crazy.) Alissa Walker gives us yet another reason, perhaps the most basic reason of all:

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