It’s Oregon Legalization Day!

As of today, growing or possessing marijuana is no longer against Oregon state law. So, Oregonians, spark one up for freedom! Several of the BBC (No Relation) cabal members will be attending a public celebration in Portland. If you are there, you could have the misfortune of running into them. Fair warning.

Here’s a happy little music video for you. It’s a celebration of the unifying power of ganja from Grass: The Movie. If you haven’t seen the movie, you should. It’s a fine, funny, accurate and exhaustive documentary on the history of pot laws in the U.S.

Mary Wanna

(5MB avi)

Mary Jane says: Plant your seeds.

Eris says: Dance Dance Dance


Drink Like a Discordian

Drink Responsibly.

Drink Responsibly.

An important part of summer for many Discordians is booziness. The more obsessive ones are already planning ahead for this. As all of us who have held disastrous drunkfests know full well, there can be a lot more to it than just pouring liquor down your gaping maw. We’re here to help with suggestions that will guarantee it.

For starters, it is critically important to have the proper attire.

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