Radio Misterioso Reading List

Since I’m terrible at self-promotion and staying on topic, there were several times during my appearance on Radio Misterioso that we discussed some of my writings here without really summarizing what they actually said or saying where you can read them. If you’re curious, here they are. If this sort of thing turns your gears, then you will probably also enjoy browsing the full set of epiphanies.

Magick for Materialists

We talked a lot about how the brain percieves everything in terms of patterrns. Most of that discussion came from these essays, particularly this one.

The Cosmic Joke

This is the story of the hot air balloons. The BBC (No Relation) constructed hot air balloons from dry cleaning bags and released them over a city, with rather enlightening results.

The MIT Guide to Lockpicking

You can achieve enlightenment through the meditative practice of lockpicking.


I briefly talked about my salvia experience. Here is the story I wrote about it.

Modern Mind Control

ObeyWe are the most propagandized people in the known history of the world. While the techniques and mechanisms are the same now as they have always been, modern communications and data mining systems have made it more effective than ever.

When people hear advertising techniques described as “mind control,” they often think that’s overly sensationalistic. That’s because they don’t know what mind control really is. It’s persuasion, not mind control, they say; mind control involves torture, drugs, weird flashing lights, and that sort of thing. Those techniques are used, of course, but those sorts of things are just a tiny slice of the mind control pie. The most common techniques are being used against you every day. And, whether you are aware of it or not, you are very easily programmable.

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You are a Robot

Your robot is not a toyIn Rev. Fenderson’s epistle Magick for Materialists: How to Get What You Want, he touched on our robot natures:

We are all meat robots. Not entirely, of course. We have spirituality, creativity, and the capacity for unexpected action. 99% of the time, though, we’re running on autopilot. We follow prewritten scripts that have been taught to us by our bodies, family, friends, society, and personal experiences. We call it “instinct” or “acting naturally” (note the double meaning of the word “acting” in there) but it’s nothing of the sort.

When most people are told this, they nod and agree in some general sense of agreement. but they don’t really, deep down, think it’s true for them. “Maybe,” they think, “I’m just a robot a small part of the time, or in some narrow circumstance, but most of the time I’m not”.

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Missing the Migraine

Transcendental MigraineI’ve suffered from migraines for most of my life. They seemed to be random and frequent at first, but as the years went by I noticed patterns to them, that there were certain things that are likely to trigger them. I suspect that every long-term sufferer has their own such list. I keep careful track of what I was doing prior to each migraine to spot trends and avoid risky activity. It’s worked very well. I’ve been able to reduce my attacks to a bare minimum — usually twice a year, once at the end of summer and once at the end of winter.

Migraines are a pure, I-beg-you-to-kill-me-now hell that I go to great pains to avoid provoking. So why do I sometimes feel such nostalgia for them?

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