Discord 12, 3171: My Second Clue

I shoot through the energy fields, free and wild, playing. I wish you were here, I feel like being chased. What are you doing?

I clear my mind and feel the direction of your presence. Willing myself nearer to you, I spot your field. It’s warm to the touch. I relax against it and let it absorb me like a tissue absorbing a drop of water. I’m disoriented for a moment while I reconstitute my pattern on the other side.

Ahhh, there you are. You are a bright, shining ball nestled like a pearl inside your shell. So beautiful. The rhythms of sleep ripple over your surface. I intone a note of love. Color washes over you.


When I see you the next day, your mouth says “whatever you did, don’t do it again.” Your eyes say you’re excited. “Without permission.”