Discord 53, 3170: Rebirth

Slightly nervous.

It has been over a decade since I’ve taken any form of hallucinogen at all, and this one is new to me. I’d heard interesting stories about salvia divinorum, though, and so I wanted to experience it for myself. I’ve done my homework, and have learned everything I could about the plant and its effects, its history, everything. And now, I am ready.

My friend loads a bowl of dried salvia which had been soaked in salvia extract, making it an order of magnitude more potent. “I’ll light it for you. I’ll keep loading bowls until you lose interest. Smoke quick!”

He lights, I smoke. The smoke is very harsh, tearing at my throat. I’m finishing the second bowl, and I feel vines wrapping my psyche. I think about going for a third, but… wait a second…

The vines have coalesced into a cocoon. I am wrapped tight, I feel warmth and comfort. I am moving, being pushed through a tube – not of vines, but of the fabric of space itself. I feel the peristaltic waves massaging me, encouraging me forward through the canal. I relax and ride them.


“John!” The voice is warm and familiar, but sharp with surprise.

“Yes?” I look around. I know this place well. I’d been here many times before when I was young. It’s distorted, but this is the place all right. It must look weird because I’m high.

“You’re early. What are you doing here?”

I spot the source of the voice. It’s my old teacher, my guide. I’m overjoyed at the sight of my dear friend. I haven’t seen her for twenty years.

“I didn’t expect to be here. I didn’t think a drug could bring me. I thought I was unwelcome.”

Kari nods. “That’s why you’re so hazy. I suppose you’ll be leaving shortly. You are welcome.”

I thrill with the approval. I feel my body growing different, the vines closing around me again. “Tell me quick: It was all true?”

She laughs. “All things are true. We’ll see each other soon.”


I am conflicted. I am unready. I am unwilling. I fear. I think. I open my eyes and lay in my body, enjoying the odd rushes and sensations the drug brought as a parting gift.

Finally, I lift my arm. My friend says “Well, what do you think?”