The DADA Manifesto

(This was rescued from Cabaret Discordia)




DADA is our intensity:
it erects inconsequential bayonets and the Sumatral head of German babies;
Dada is life with neither bedroom slippers nor parallels; it is against
and for unity and definately against the future; we are wise enough to
know that our brains are going to become flabby cushions, that our anti-dogmatism
is as exclusive as a civil servant, and that we cry liberty but are not
free; a severe necessity with entire discipline nor morals and that we
spit on humanity.DADA remains within
the framework of European weaknesses, it’s still shit, but from now on
we want to shit in different colours so as to adorn the zoo of art with
all the flags of all the consulates.We are circus ringmasters
and we can be found whistling amongst the winds of fairgrounds, in convents,
prostitutions, theatres, realities, feelings, restaurants, ohoho, bang
bang.We declare that
the motor car is a feeling that has cosseted us quite enough in the dilatoriness
of its abstractions, as have transatlantic liners, noises and ideas. And
while we put on a show of being facile, we are actually searching for the
central essence of things, and are pleased if we can hide it; we have no
wish to count the windows of the marvellous elite, for DADA doesn’t exist
for anyone, and we want everyone to understand this. This is Dada’s balcony,
I assure you. From there you can hear all the military marches, and come
down cleaving the air like a seraph landing in a public baths to piss and
understand the parable.DADA is neither
madness, nor wisdom, nor irony, look at me, dear bourgeois.Art used to be a
game of nuts in May, children would go gathering words that had a final
ring, then they would exude, shout out the verse, and dress it up in dolls’
bootees, and the verse became a queen in order to die a little, and the
queen became a sardine, and the children ran hither and yon, unseen…
Then came the great ambassadors of feeling, who yelled historically in
chorus:Psychology Psychology hee hee
Science Science Science
Long live France
We are not naive
We are successive
We are exclusive
We are not simpletons
and we are perfectly capable of an intelligent discussion.

Be we, DADA, don’t
agree with them, for art isn’t serious, I assure you, and if we reveal
the crime so as to show that we are learned denunciators, it’s to please
you, dear audience, I assure you, and I adore you.