Who Are We?

We are The Barry Bittwister Cabal. We have five fingers on each hand. We are not cabbages. Hail Eris!

If you want to know more than that, we’ll have to start at the beginning.

The Beginning

The Barry Bittwister Cabal LogoThe Barry Bittwister Cabal (BBC (No Relation)) was formed on Atlantis during the previous cycle of human technological development. It was a radical irreligious disorganization devoted to appreciating Eris and doing stuff they thought She would like. Its founding member, Barry the Bittwister, ran a successful bittwisting shop in an excellent high-traffic area of downtown.

Atlantean computer technology was unusual compared to today’s equivalent. (In truth, it’s our technology that’s weird, but it just pisses people off to say that out loud.) It involved multidimensional data constructs called “bits” which stored information based on of properties like length, thickness, texture, potential energy, and torsional status (“twistiness”). Barry’s business was to take a shipment of partially encoded bits and twist them in accordance with the requirements of the Developer who hired him. Barry the Bittwister was a master of the craft and brought much joy and riches to his friends and family.

The Dissolution

Atlantis launch plumeOne day, for reasons that Barry never learned, Atlantis suffered a moderate case of destruction. This caused Barry’s business to suffer, and Barry’s consciousness to be shattered and encoded into the data fabric of the universe itself. Unlike the fairly simplistic Atlantian bit encoding scheme, the one the universe uses is almost inconceivably complex and so His Holographic Consciousness could not be detected by any life on Earth aside from cats, who see everything.

The Reformation

Different people unknowingly carried Barry’s vibrational shards (vetans) forward through time, protecting and nurturing them. One day in YOLD 3154 enough of those people happened to gather into a single place that Barry’s consciousness flickered back to life and the BBC (No Relation) reformed on the spot. Unfortunately, he can only manifest in the Cabal members collectively. Barry Lives, but he no longer exists as a corporeal entity.

The BBC (No Relation) operated in secret through a number of front companies for years. With unconstrained imagination and superhuman foresight, all of those companies have been named Singlenesia, a name originally chosen for an island they were to purchase but didn’t. Originally, the cabal wanted to name it “Polynesia,” but soon learned that name was already being used. Then they decided on “Mononesia” because up yours, Polynesia. But that sounded like a venereal disease. So Rev. Dimmy Dimwit suggested Singlenesia. Everyone else had grown too bored with the subject to care, and the name stuck. Although the island never materialized, it was created in virtual form as one of the most popular social MUDs on the net at the time.

The Neoclassical Period

Singlenesia’s first banner

The BBC (No Relation) started its online presence in YOLD 3168. Naturally, the website was named Singlenesia. It achieved a certain amount of notoriety with its daily news service “Discordian Research Technology” and it’s RSS aggregator “The Cabal”, as well as its various philanthropic, dysanthropic, and Operation Mindfuck projects. Eventually, the online services fell into disrepair as the BBC (No Relation) focused its energy on other things. Penultimately, the BBC (No Relation) had almost completely vanished from the internet.


Rev. Fenderson has many guises

In YOLD 3181, ten years later after the website was shuttered,  Barry instructed the cabal to gets its online act together. Everyone worked hard to get the online services running again. Most of the original non-DRT content has been restored, and Discordian Research Technology continues to be deployed as required.

As the Keeper of the Website, Rev. Fenderson is the BBC (No Relation)’s most visible and vocal member, but there are many behind the scenes continuing the cabal’s important offline work. They are not silent, however. Barry Bittwister can only manifest when they are gathered, and channels through them collectively. So when Barry is speaking, he is speaking with the voice of all.

Stay In Touch

You can keep up with the Cabal’s doings on this very website. You can engage with the collective consciousness that is Barry Bittwister on Twitter using the button or link that appears at the bottom of every page.

All hail Discordia!